Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned From NBA for Life

On a Saturday evening in March, the Clippers, hotter than they had been in decades, were warming up for a game against the Atlanta Hawks at Staples Center and V. Stiviano was holding court as usual in a suite-level VIP lounge. The year-old companion of team owner Donald Sterling was a familiar figure at Staples, strutting to her usual court-side seat in sky-high heels and skintight pants. This night, she and an entourage of girlfriends were awaiting the start of the game in the plush lounge when a man approached carrying a manila envelope. Stiviano beamed and tore open the envelope. Her face fell. The suit appears to have set in motion a chain of events that led the NBA to strip the Beverly Hills billionaire of control of the Clippers and ban him from the league for life. A month and a half after the suit was filed, TMZ posted a recording of Sterling telling Stiviano not to be seen in public with black men. The Clippers organization issued a statement accusing her of leaking the recording as payback for the suit. The suit lays out a timeworn tale — the betrayed wife battling to save her family from a young, avaricious mistress.

Donald Sterling’s double life was easy to spot

An attorney for V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal, said she had permission to record the Clipper’s owner and doesn’t know who leaked the tape to TMZ. Calabasas lawyer Mac Nehoray declined to state the purpose of the recording, but said it was “by mutual agreement.

Donald T. Sterling (born Donald Tokowitz, April 26, ) is an American attorney and A month earlier, Sterling’s wife had sued Stiviano for the return of a $ million ended its relationship with the team, as did sponsors CarMax, Virgin America, “Here’s the Lawsuit Against V. Stiviano That May Have Set Off the Donald.

Yes, her name is really V. According to the L. Stiviano, nor this office has ever alleged that Ms. Stiviano is, or ever was, Mr. The L. Not that such behavior is out of character for Mr. It was in exchange for sex. It was money for sex. How can you say it was a gift? If a man has an affair with a prostitute, is that a gift? The offending photo, since deleted, showed her with NBA legend and future Clippers owner? Magic Johnson:.

Donald T. Sterling and Ms.

Donald Sterling Says He Was Baited Into Racist Rant, Slams Magic Johnson’s HIV Status

Almost unanimously, owners supported the commissioner Tuesday, as he handed down one of the harshest penalties in the history of U. Sterling’s views. They simply have no place in the NBA,” Silver said at a news conference. If three-fourths of the other 29 owners agree to Silver’s recommendation, Sterling will be forced to sell the team he has owned since Players and others cheered Silver’s quick action, with union officials saying that if the league’s punishment hadn’t included a mandate for Sterling to sell the team, players were considering boycotting playoff games, including Tuesday’s Golden State Warriors-Clippers matchup, the team’s first home game since the scandal erupted.

And we were very clear that anything other than Sterling selling his team was not going to be enough for us,” said Roger Mason Jr.

V. Stiviano with the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling at a his soured relationship with Ms. Stiviano, reported to be his mistress, proved his He’s Sharing the History of Black New York, One Tweet at a Time. Aug.

Entertainment Oakland A’s Obituary Sports. In this Dec. Shelly Sterling accused Stiviano, 32, of befriending and seducing older, wealthy men into loaning her money, giving her gifts or cheating them out of their wealth. She claims the gifts were community property her husband of 58 years had no right to give away. Sterling, a lawyer known for relishing a skirmish, vowed to fight the NBA to his death, filing lawsuits against the league and his wife in state and federal courts. The recording created a minor celebrity out of Stiviano, who was seen in photos cozying up to the year-old billionaire courtside at Clippers games.

A Key Player in a Scandal, V. Stiviano Feeds the Media’s Appetite

Sterling rails on Stiviano — who ironically is black and Mexican — for putting herself out in public with a black person she has since taken the pic down. But it doesn’t end there. You have to listen to the audio to fully grasp the magnitude of Sterling’s racist worldview.

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok, File) Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano Tuesday, as he handed down one of the harshest penalties in the history of U.S. sports. Sterling’s comments — which were recorded by his girlfriend and.

Recordings released by the gossip website TMZ and confirmed by the NBA of Sterling, who is white, making racist comments to his mixed-race lady friend shows how some people can have ample cross-cultural contacts and still sound like a bigot. It is startling to hear Sterling berate his lady friend V. That makes about as much sense as a cattle ranch owned by a vegan. Better late than never.

My lingering question about this soap opera is, how and why it took so long. Sterling has had serious civil rights and housing rights charges dating back almost 30 years. A portrait of a double life emerges. He dates a woman of color. In , for example, in what the U. The charges included statements he allegedly made to employees that black and Hispanic families were not desirable tenants.

Who Is Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend, V. Stiviano? 5 Things You Need To Know

By Ashley Collman. Stiviano says their relationship was merely platonic. In an interview on Wednesday with Dr Phil, Stiviano, 31, maintains that she never had sexual relations ‘whatsoever’ with the racist year-old Clippers owner.

V. Stiviano posts sexy fashion photos on Instagram, LA Clippers She has a history of dating rich men and is seems to always be on the scene.

Today, anyone paying attention is expressing their contempt for Donald Sterling. For example, Snoop Dogg posted this particularly eloquent video which sums up my feelings on the matter pretty accurately. In general, everybody hates Donald. From his blatant expression of ownership over Stiviano—dictating who she spends time with, what she does with her social networking sites, etc. When he said this of the Clippers:.

Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have-Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? In general the trends on Twitter indicated almost zero support for Sterling, with the exception of a few trolls. I did, however, notice one troubling trend on multiple social networks, repeated by men and women alike: the idea that somehow V.

Let me spend two seconds telling you why blaming V. Stiviano is a mistake. Really, just two seconds.

V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling’s girlfriend’s, racial secret behind name changes

The world is now eager to find out everything there is to know about Donald Sterling’s girlfriend or mistress V. The year-old model is the woman who reportedly leaked audiotapes in which Sterling was making racist remarks about African Americans. Before the scandal, not much was known about V.

Relationship Coach Pam Reaves weigh in on the Sterling/Stivianolt ‘Scandal! what her role is, or is supposed to be in his life, but calls herself V. Stiviano. and morally corrupt history of an ultra-rich couple married for almost 60 years.

And at one point, Harrell appeared to direct a ” expletive white boy” insult at Doncic. While Harrell reached out to Doncic — according to Clippers coach Doc Rivers — after the game to apologize for the remark, the two players exchanged pleasantries in person before Sunday’s Game 4. Harrell, who was heavily criticized for invoking race as an insult, appeared to apologize once again to Doncic. The two players hugged it On Sunday, he went out and put in a performance that the late Kobe would have loved and Tatum did it while paying a sweet tribute to his hero.

Tatum, who worked out with Kobe after his rookie year and became good friends with him, wore a purple wristband on Sunday, which would have been Kobe’s 42nd birthday.

V. Stiviano Out With New Man After Judge Orders Her To Pay $50K To The Sterlings