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The central archives have English-language webpages that contain useful information about collections, usage policies, hours of operation, etc. In addition, these webpages contain bibliographic information, such as lists of books and articles in special collections, published archival documents, and the latest archival research.

This portal serves as a gateway to a wide variety of information about Ukrainian archives: their organization, structure, services, publications, news, etc.

In the U.S. Dramatic Competition, 47% of the directors are women; 53% are people of color; 5% are LGBTQ+. In this year’s U.S. Documentary.

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Can the world continue to feed itself? The flashpoint is in the fertile region of the Office Du Niger, where the American-led consortium Sosumar is pressuring the Government for land. Activists like him fight a losing battle, beaten and tear-gassed as their land is invaded. Their methods are promised to be collaborative and consensual with local people, seeking their consent to make their agricultural land profit-motivated. Being a profit-driven subcontractor breaks the thousands-year-old relationship between a household and its land.

Yet, will it be the Malian Government who benefits most at the expense of local farmers anyway, as has been the trend dating back to colonialism in this region?

Western men and Ukrainian women enter the unpredictable mail-order-bride industry to find love.

Here is a set of documentaries to stream on Netflix for some educational programming in between your “Gilmore Girls” and “Friends” marathons. Please binge-watch accordingly. Advocacy documentaries tend to be a bit short-sighted, reveling in their self-righteousness, but director Stephanie Soechtig has more than enough facts to avoid resting on pure outrage. Consider that, since the ’80s, the number of overweight children has gone from one in 20 to one in five. And while entire industries have ignited over weight loss, the number of those struggling to shed pounds only grows.

It guts the myth of personal responsibility emphasized by the rhetoric of “eat more, exercise less” and gets to the cause of our growing waistlines: processed food that has no nutritional value and ever-increasing helpings of added sugar. James J. Bulger” James “Whitey” Bulger is one of the most notorious gangsters of all time. In his notorious trial, he was accused of 33 crimes, including the alleged murders of 19 people, but Bulger had no interest in proving he was innocent; he just wanted to set the record straight that he was not a snitch.

Directors Jane Wells and John Keith Wasson set out to establish this lesser-known reality, that often the relationship between a prostitute and her pimp is not a business transaction, but form of human trafficking.

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But despite technically being too late to buy a ticket, I managed to finagle my way into the first screening of Free and Easy, a Chinese film. I had just rolled into Odessa a few hours before on the overnight bus, so maybe I should have skipped it and caught a couple hours of sleep. I scooted into a seat as the lights were going down, and I settled in for my first real film festival experience.

A new film explores the power of home for “The Babushkas of Chernobyl.” Some of the women who chose to return to their homes near the.

Those who committed heinous war crimes concealed their work in order to avoid prosecution. Archaeologist Richard Wright knows how to find the crime sites and how to reconstruct events. In , Wright and his crew arrive in Serniki to uncover evidence of mass murder in the Ukraine. Wright and his colleagues gently unearth hundreds of human remains as well as shell casing evidence that implicates the Nazis in the massacre.

Photographs are grim reminders of women and children waiting for their executions. Wright uses forensics and eyewitness accounts to build his case against one of the murderers. Wright unearths evidence of viciously cruel murders, particularly of children, attributed to Heinrich Wagner. Can they prove Wagner’s culpability? They find remains of children, and beneath them, the remains of adults.

Despite strong archeological evidence, Wagner escapes prosecution. Between and , civil war rages in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Wright heads up excavations that will unearth evidence of the mass murder of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica, murders orchestrated by Radislav Krstic. What he finds are bodies that were brought in from other primary sites. Spy satellite photos show the location of mass graves.

Father whose adopted 6-year-old was 22-year-old woman ‘doesn’t believe’ he will go to prison

Face Masks or Cloth Face Covering The state has issued an order directing businesses to require and enforce the use of face coverings by all customers and visitors. With this order, all visitors to the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center must wear a face mask beginning July 7, until further notice. Visit our Recycling Changes web page to learn more. The City of Tacoma offers curbside recycling service to residents, multi-family tenants, and commercial customers.

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Khrzhanovsky is responsible for a mysterious art film called Dau, two years in a meticulously-constructed set just outside Kharkov, Ukraine.

Why do they insist on living on farms that the Ukrainian government and radiation scientists have deemed uninhabitable? How do they manage to get by, isolated, in an abandoned landscape guarded by soldiers, and rife with wild animals? How has the radiation affected them these past 3 decades? At her cottage, Hanna Zavorotyna brews homemade moonshine and slices thick chunks of salo, raw pig fat – though it is strictly forbidden to eat local food.

Like the wolves, moose, wild boar and other wildlife not seen for decades that have come back to the abandoned forests around Chernobyl, the women of the Exclusion Zone, too, have an extraordinary story of survival, and offer a dark yet strangely affirming portrait of life post-apocalypse. Her story the subculture of illegal ‘Stalkers’ inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was originally published in Slate.

Morris a longtime presenter for the internationally broadcast series Globe Trekker. She divides her time between London and Los Angeles. She and artist Lynn Hays work to empower women, support rural communities, and promote environmentalism. Nancy Nordhoff is the founder of Hedgebrook, a residency that supports women writers. Gini Reticker is an Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker.

Marina has rich background in festival management in Ukraine and event management worldwide. As a musician he played tuba and toured with many bands in Toronto including the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, has recorded on over 40 albums, and has earned three JUNO nominations Canada’s Grammy equivalent.

Apocalypse Dau: the most insane film shoot of all time, and why you may never get to see it

When I was a child, a recently divorced family friend returned from his holiday with a tan, some floral patterned towels and a wife. The first man is year-old exotic animal specialist Chris. Chris is the lonely doting dad of year-old Holly. The quest to find a step-mum is presented as a joint decision as Chris and Holly browse profiles of women together. The next man to be introduced is year-old virgin and call centre worker Mike. Mike squeezes the camera crew into his dimly lit room to share his desire to meet Ukrainian born Tatiana.

Why Visit Odessa Ukraine _ The Odesa International Film Festival “Pierre, a 75 year old widower, discovers online dating websites. Using the.

Subscriber Account active since. Nicholas Perry, known as Nikocado Avocado to his 3 million YouTube subscribers, has made a name for himself in the extreme-eating vlogger community. Since , Perry’s consumption of entire fast-food menus often accompanied by his pet parrot has captured the rapt attention of a YouTube audience. He is known as a mukbanger , someone who posts videos of themselves eating or binging large amounts of food online. Earlier this year, the year-old, who posts a video almost every day, garnered attention for his months-long feud with fellow YouTubers who accused him of abusive behavior during a collaboration video.

Perry’s controversial response videos in the wake of the accusation had subscribers — and an entire YouTube community — concerned. Since the public feud took over YouTube, Perry has continued to post videos that fans are calling “scary,” and some are worried about Perry’s mental health. The vlogger told YouTuber Trisha Paytas that he learned of his adoption early on and struggled to make sense of his biological parents’ decision.

As a result, he said he acted out and received mental health interventions as a child. Perry also told Paytas that he’d been prescribed antidepressants when he was 7 years old. On Paytas’ podcast , the vlogger opened up about his pre-YouTube career working as a freelance violinist. Living in New York at age 21, Perry had dreams of playing in the pit orchestra for a Broadway show. While he had the musical talent, he explained, it was difficult to make a living in a city of talented and competitive musicians.

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A Foreign Affair (Love Me) international dating service meet Russian women Latin to the thousands of Russian Women profiled, we also feature Ukrainian Women, The film stars David Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, and Emily Mortimer.

Park City, UT — The nonprofit Sundance Institute announced today the showcase of new independent feature films selected across all categories for the Sundance Film Festival. Sundance Institute also presents public programs throughout the year and around the world, including Festivals in Hong Kong and London, an international short film tour, an indigenous shorts program, a free summer screening series in Utah, and more.

Alongside these public programs, the majority of the nonprofit Institute’s resources support independent artists around the world as they make and develop new work, via Labs, direct grants, fellowships, residencies and other strategic and tactical interventions. We believe diverse stories from independent artists around the world open us up to new perspectives and possibilities — at a time when fresh thinking and dialogue is urgently needed.

Watching this group expand and thrive over the years has been exhilarating and wildly rewarding. Our Festival’s lively and visionary crop of artists has a contagious passion, and I can’t wait to watch the world meet their work. Announced today: feature-length films, representing 27 countries and 44 first-time feature filmmakers. In the U.

Diary of an online dating scam: Man seduced by ‘Aleksandra’ goes public to warn others

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Ukrainian Protestantism has a long history, but is still searching for its in the West women have been able to be pastors for a long time now .

Please refresh the page and retry. Khrzhanovsky is responsible for a mysterious art film called Dau, an extensive biopic which shot for two years in a meticulously-constructed set just outside Kharkov, Ukraine. Stocked with historically-accurate sculptures, wardrobes and props, locals were inspired to entirely exist, dress and behave as if they were living within a Soviet-era totalitarian regime. Residents would be fined if they smuggled in phones, exhibited tardiness, or attempted to access social media — all of which reportedly improved resident morale.

Girls were so beautiful without make-up, provocative outfits or short skirts. Rather the production would feed on the “energy” of its collaborators, bypassing traditional filmmaking processes. But Dau has yet to be screened to the public, despite usually cropping up on annual Cannes Film Festival wishlists. Instead its existence is something of a vast mystery, edited for six years in a bafflingly fancy converted townhouse in Mayfair. A ccording to a article in GQ Magazine , the year-old Khrzhanovsky is the son of esteemed animator Andrei Khrzhanovsky and the grandson of a famous painter.

Dau, it is believed, is a biopic about the Soviet physicist Lev Landau, who made an array of discoveries in quantum mechanics and superfluidity for which he won the Nobel Prize in , while indulging in all kinds of free love while married to his dutiful wife Kora.

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