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Teachers today work in a full capacity, and keeping up with technology can feel like an extra burden. There is beauty in simplicity. Did you know that hidden in your Apps folder on your Mac is a little app called Image Capture? What does it do? It takes pictures or videos from a device camera, iPad, iPhone and lets you import them to your Mac and save them wherever you want. When do I use it? I just want the pictures and videos I want, where I want them. Image capture does just that. As many of you know, Digital Storytelling or rather, Storytelling with Digital Tools is one of my passions and is a great way for students to reflect on their learning. Getting the photos you want in the hands of students can be a challenge.

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It seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. To view this site, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options and try again. Jump to main content. Are they just a way to categorize activities or can they actually be used to support and deepen student learning? Consider these questions and prepare your educators for success with this dimension of the NGSS. These introductory activities build familiarity with the CCCs and an understanding of their potential as a thinking tool for students.

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Google docs, forms, hyperdocs, tech tools, and more. Research Based Teaching Strategies: print this free chart to keep in your teacher notebook or on the wall by your desk. Thanks for stopping by! Are you searching for ways to improve your studying? Bloom’s taxonomy will help you to make your studying more efficient and systematic. Book Review. Many teachers are wondering, can I still teach reading and writing workshop from a distance?

The quick answer is… absolutely! This blog post will share tips to getting started with mentor texts as you plan your writing unit! As language teachers, our goal for our students is to be more proficient in the target language when they complete our course than when they began. We probably have other goals for our students being more kind, more empathetic, more responsible, more culturally aware , but all of these objectives fit into the overarching mission of….

ESL in the Spotlight is an educational site for teachers offering tips on how to be an effective English teacher.

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I believe in sharing what we learn to help others avoid our same mistakes and also exposing ourselves to the criticism and questions which might help us improve. I feel like I am learning more every day about how to help create the world I want to see my future kids and their future kids living in, and sometimes what I learn contradicts what I thought I knew was true. I hope the dialogue generated through this site will give me more chances to do that and to share the lessons I am learning with others who could benefit from avoiding my mistakes.

In fact, personally, I find it mostly bad. Continue Reading. We make it clear to those who travel with us at PEPY that the impact they are having will come after they leave: 1 with the funds they are donating to the projects as part of the trip fee and hopefully donations in future years as well as 2 the impact they will have on the world when they change how they travel, give, and teach others about their experiences in the future.

Speed Dating CPD Bring and Brag Speed Dating, Reading Time, Things That Bounce,. Article from The Question Matrix | TeacherToolkit.

This Toolkit contains numerous websites and valuable information on assistive technology, education, IEPs, post-secondary education, gifted and talented opportunities, and checklists to review life learning skills. It also contains information on in-state colleges and universities offices which provide assistance to students with exceptionalities and many more resources from around the country.

Teacher’s Toolkit This Toolkit contains numerous websites and valuable information on assistive technology, education, IEPs, post-secondary education, gifted and talented opportunities, and checklists to review life learning skills. Bullying and Discrimination — eSchool Today. Bullying Guidance from Dept. What is Disablist Bullying — Tackle Bullying. Restorative Justice — Resources for schools. Resources for Teachers Access to the Visual Arts — History and programing for people with disabilities.

Art and Disability — Disability Studies Quarterly paper.

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Print the Guidebook double sided and fold into the booklet. Print this placemat for using the RVS Learning Design Process in your lesson planning or jotting down quick design ideas. In Rocky View Schools, literacy and numeracy are foundational to all student learning; integral to this is the belief that every teacher is a literacy and numeracy teacher. A protocol for conducting an interview to develop a better understanding of a potential issue or problem that could be processed through design thinking.

Who are you designing for? The best way to understand who you are designing for is to talk with them directly.

ToolkiT for. Teachers involving volunteers in language learning. Co-funded by the. Erasmus+ In this toolkit, we use the term ‘teacher’ to refer to a paid language “Dating culture”, “Dynamics between. be written at speed as the volunteer.

I this post I share my preparations for this event. Please feel free to use this to help you organise a similar event at your own school or workplace. Each had been asked to bring something to share which they could describe or show another teacher in 30 seconds bring and brag of good practice. Each teacher was given a number, which they wrote on their sheet of paper. How it happened. When we started I began the countdown and the teacher who would move I think it was the teacher sat on my left hand side began discussing what they had brought to share.

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Post It – Out the Door. Numbered Heads Together. Two Stars and a Wish. Think Pair Share. Story Triangle Listeners Storytellers.

In December I facilitated the first speed dating CPD event in my school. I decided to do it after reading about it on the teacher toolkit blog here.

After having taught in different contexts in the UK, I have noticed a huge lack of confidence from British students towards languages. Nobody speaks French in Manchester! As a native speaker, I found myself in the situation where I felt I needed to DO something to make pupils enjoy languages in a different way. Here are my three trial strategies, inspired by a BBC article on bringing languages to life :. However, to do it in order to communicate a real message to someone in particular changes its purpose.

The first task they will have to do is to write a short paragraph about Manchester. But this is not true! If they realise that the main communicated message is understood, they will hopefully try harder and their self-esteem will then grow! Because mine wants to be a psychologist! It is mad! I noticed that so many students are lacking self-confidence and high career aspirations.

At this stage, pupils are not really confident with the language and need to practise.

Active Learning Toolkit

It’s here. The TpT Back to school sale begins tomorrow. We all need great quality products for time-saving planning and teaching secondary students in the STEM fields.

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The collection contains workshops, speed dating, card games, debate scenarios and plays drawn from good practices across Europe. Each activity, called module, has a central focus on gender-inclusive ways of communicating STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics , empowering teenagers and exploring the range of skills that are needed for a great variety of STEM studies and careers open to young people. You can download each module individually or a collection according to the setting where the activity will be implemented.

Below you will find links to the full set. You can download all modules designed to be used within Schools by clicking on the language you wish to download. Description: An activity very easy to be transferred to many contexts, consisting of a discussion session for students of years old both boys and girls on the stereotypes for working in STEM in your society. During this game, the students will think of a solution for the problems and dilemmas they encounter during the game.

After the game, the students make a poster with their solution. It is important that at least one of the speakers is a woman.

Speed Dating CPD

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Speed Dating: Bring and Brag CPD was one of my #10Highlights as a @​TeacherToolkit Thanks to your blog I managed to get lots of useful.

Active learning engages students in activities beyond reading, listening, or watching to deepen their learning and connection with the material. With roots in constructivist learning theory, the primary benefit of active learning is that it makes students an active, rather than passive, participant in the the process of assimilating new information Bransford, et.

Choose a tool that seems comfortable for a single class session, or even just part of a class session, rather than trying to redeisgn an entire course. For example, you might first look for a tool that will help you make your lectures more interactive instead of trying to replace lectures with activities. Then work your way up to more immersive experiences for your students.

Also, feel free to alter ideas to suit your needs; think of instructions as guidelines or suggestions rather than rules. Adjusting tools to fit your own personality, as well as the content, class structure, and student demographics, will increase their potential for success.

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